French Mortgage Interest Rates 2016 Trend Going Down Down Again

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French Mortgage Interest Rates that have been said to be going to go up by the experts have now been shown to have gone down on average for the month of February 2016.

In fact the rates on average have been going down for several months according to information shared in this new Explorimmo article in French.

The article quotes that according to the Observatoire Crédit Logement (French) who study changes in the French credit market the average interest rate for February was 2.09 percent

Compared to 2.15 percent for January 2016

Compared to 2.20 percent for December 2015

Compared to 2.22 percent for November 2015

The amount you pay for a mortgage is related to many factors including the length of the term, the location of the property location and personal factors including income.

The lower interest rate impacts how much you pay for your home. A lower interest rate can mean you save substantially on the cost of your property over time. Some people wait till prices go down. However, using low interest rates to buy when you cannot pay cash can lead to substantial savings.

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