French Bank Survey reveal Less Oveseas Buyers in France

In general, according to an article on Property Wire based on a survey from the French bank BNP Paribas, overseas buyers are buying less French property.

The overall percentage is a 29 percent drop in the number of non residents buying in France in 2012 compared to 2011.

However, this amount varies according to region. Ile de France had 4 percent less Foreign Buyers while Aquitaine saw a 48 percent drop.  Poitou Charentes was the only region seeing an increase of a full 4 percent.

The British and Italians are buying less property at this time, however, the percentage of Russian buyers is up 27 percent.

Note: according to the survey Russians are not buying multimillion euro properties as people generally think, in fact the average sale price of a property purchased by a non-resident Russian is 700 000 Euros.

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The good news is that with less people shopping, sellers tend to be more negotiable on their prices. This can mean this moment could be the best moment for you to buy your Dream French property. Remember to contact us for your multi part French property guide.