Four Ways To Find French Real Estate for Sale

If you are looking to invest in French real estate there are four ways you can find your new investment.

French Real Estate Portals and Site
There are many French real estate sites on the internet so like many people you can begin your research there. Some of the sites gather information from hundreds of real estate agencies so you can get a big picture view of what is available.

BONUS: If the real estate site is only in French you can use this site to find out the meaning of terms. Just use our search engine to get the meaning of terms like ‘What is FAI’.

WARNING: Due to the existence of a mandate simple in France you may end up finding the same property for sale with many agencies. A solutions to bypass this problem is to ask a English speaking French real estate agent to help you find the property at the best price possible.

Small French real estate ads
There are still many French properties for sale advertised in newspapers and free papers around certain towns. Typically, these are advertisements for properties also advertised on the internet but you can still take a look.

French real estate agents
Working with a French real estate professional who will help you as your buyer’s agent can be very helpful indeed. This type of agent will have a network of agencies they work with and be able to show you properties that are not only registered in their agency.

WARNING: Not all agencies choose to co operate with each other so check with your English speaking French real estate agent and ask them how will they help you find your French property

French Notaries
Once you are in contact with an English speaking French real estate agent you can ask them to put you in contact with a English speaking French notary who may have a client who is planning on selling a property due to a death in the family or divorce.

Learn more approaches by having a Free over the phone consultation with an English speaking French real estate agent today.

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