Four Problems with Connected Homes in France

Entering the French real estate market are Connected Homes.

Are you considering buying or creating a connected home?

Connected homes are part of the IoT or internet of things and they allow you to have control over your home from outside of your home. You can control temperature, lighting and a whole lot more.

If you are interested in Connected homes consider the following in France.

Old homes in France May Have Connectivity Problems.

You need to make sure your ancient French village home has the right internet connection to make things connect. Check out if it is possible before you invest.

The Investment May be High

You may find the initial investment like the cost of a Nest Learning Thermostat is high, however, the long term cost saving can be substantial. Get a complete estimate to see the long term value proposal.

New Homes May be Connected

Do not assume a new home has the connectivity you need. Make sure you have the details from the builder to make sure you can do what you want to do.

Not all Devices are the Same

Connected homes include thermostats that communicate with the heating system, smoke detectors that talk to the fire hall and fridges that can tell you the milk is about to turn bad. But the real value lies in the devices that add real value.

So a thermostat and a smoke detector can be a money and life saver but knowing that the milk is about to go bad may not be worth the technological investment.

As always find out what is important to you and ask lots of questions.