Five French Real Estate Features You may Not like


French real estate offers the non-French buyer some surprises in terms of common features.

Here are five to be aware of so you are not too surprised.

No Sink
Although it is beginning to change the majority of French homes have the toilet separate from the bath or shower room. The toilet room also called the W.C. most likely does not have a sink to wash your hands!. If it does, in our experience, nine times out of ten the sink only has cold water.

Laundry in the Kitchen
You may be used to having a separate clothes laundry room in your home outside of France, however, often in France you will find the clothes washing machine in the kitchen or perhaps in the bath or shower room. If you want to have your clothes washer in a separate laundry room you most likely will have to construct one yourself.

Clothes Dryer
It is not so common in our experience of French real estate to find a clothes dryer in the home. This may be because of the hot weather but may be mostly because the cost of electricity is high and this makes drying clothes in a machine expensive.

Cleaning Dishes
In the many older French homes we have not seen a dishwasher but we see this trend is changing as many a French property owner has less time to wash dishes due to increasing work (or perhaps social) demands.

Wood not Gas
Perhaps in your home country you will find a gas fireplace in your home. In France you still find a lot of wood burning stoves that are typically fueled by wood pellets.

If you have noticed other features please let us know.