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Who has published our work?

What are we doing?

We are building a community of quality English speaking French real estate professionals (agents, architects, mortgage brokers, currency exchange providers and more who want to work together and enjoy the opportunity to receive referrals of English speaking real estate clients without paying a referral fee to us.

“We we are driven by the passion to educate people and to connect people with quality English speaking French real estate service providers, to reduce the stress involved in French real estate transactions” – David, founder of the ESREA France Team


English speaking Currency Exchange Providers:  


We have two memberships types: depending on your membership we can offer the following benefits:

Membership Type One:

Executive Membership:

Executive Members pay a small monthly fee of 10 euros plus applicable taxes. Paid via PayPal and this agreement can be cancelled anytime with 30 days notice.

*** Regular pricing is 25 Euros per month.

Executive Members currently receive:

  • Personalized Profile page – mini webpage – with your contact details on our site (Gives you more credibility with Google) Example One and Example Two and Example Three
  • Direct link to your site – no need for potential clients to contact us first.
  • Pre-qualified clients you choose to work with when people contact us directly for guidance. * see additional details in notes below.
  • You are not charged an additional percent of transaction referral fee just the flat monthly member fee.
  • Biweekly Educational Coaching newsletter included.
  • Online exposure to other English speaking real estate service providers who need your help
  • Assistance to help you locate another real estate service professional that you may need to grow your business.
  • Reduced cost or free entrance in future educational seminars to grow your business
  • Coming soon! Option to have images to promote your work in our social media
  • TOP SECRET special promotion we will offer executive members .
  • No long term contract to become an Executive member. Join and cancel at short notice.

Membership Type Two:

Team Membership

Team Members pay a small per client or per request fee of 10 euros plus applicable taxes for receipt of each client referral. Paid via PayPal.

Team Members currently receive:

  • Registration in our system so if someone contacts us and we do not have a executive member available we can offer you to be introduced to the contact since we know you are available.
  • No upfront fee but no publicity on the site and you can end up paying multiple times per month for multiple clients.Unlike Executive members who only pay one fee per month regardless of the number of referrals received.
  • You are not charged a percent of transaction referral fee only the initial per client administration fee.
  • Biweekly Educational Coaching newsletter included.
  • Note: Payment of administration fee must be in place prior to receiving introduction of client

In general, both memberships are open to professionals who speak and write English, who operate a business registered in France and who are focused on a specific area so customers know they are experts in their industry. Complete details vary depending on the service you provide. Details shared during our initial phone conversation.

If you have not spoken to us  contact us here prior to choosing your membership and registering payment. 

Important Notes:


Note 1: No member will have exclusivity for an area because in the interest of fair treatment of each visitor to our site, each visitor will have access to a page with a selection of service providers to choose from.

Note 2: Membership is on an individual basis not a company basis. Each person who wants to be part of our network obtains an individual membership.

We focus on your name on the site (Executive Team Members) and not the name of the business you own or work in so that people will click to find out more about you and not just be guided by the brand name of a business. This will help give equal opportunity to all people who are Executive Team Members.

There is no contract so you can cancel any time any or all of the locations you have selected. We just need 30 days notice to make sure billing is updated.

Note 3: We reserve the right to remove members from the network when we receive complaints about poor quality service or service that is not inline with our membership guidelines (see above) Failure to respond to email or phone calls from ourselves when we contact you can be a reason to be removed from the network for future business.

Note 4: Just like you can end your advertising agreement with us anytime, we retain the same right to end our agreement or amend the agreement by giving the equivalent 30 days notice to you for any reason.

Note 5: When there is more than one service provider specializing in what you offer we regularly re-order the names of the service providers on a page to give all service providers an equal chance of the visitor clicking over to their site.

Note 6: Our Executive Team Membership fee is currently only payable via PayPal’s recurring billing system and only payable on a monthly basis There is no contract, you can cancel your membership anytime 30 days in advance. (We need a bit of time to make sure the billing is cancelled). Note: Once the monthly fee is paid it is not refundable for that month.

Note 7: Your business website must have a section in English or you will need to take a membership that includes a personal webpage on our site so visitors can see details about you in English.

Note 8: When we receive a request from a client to be placed in contact with a service provider for a certain area and there are more than one service provider on our site for the said area we will introduce the client to all the service providers for that area. Then the client decides who they wish to work with. is a secure payment system so you can pay by your credit card. We do not accept payment by cheques or cash. Our billing is only done on a monthly cycle. 

Please contact us with any questions and note changes are made without notice so make sure you keep up to date. 

CONTACT US if you have questions. Join soon so soon so we can send you new clients!

Join as an Executive Member Now

******* If you have already received approval and you have your copy of your billing invoice you can proceed below to register so we can create your online content. PayPal first time set up and payment takes 3 to 5 minutes.

Note: You will not receive any future invoices from ESREA France instead you will be automatically be billed by PayPal and receive a receipt to your PayPal account monthly unless you cancel our service.


Secure payment via Set up takes 3 to 5 minutes.
Only 10 Euros plus applicable taxes per month  

Note: If you buy by credit card your statement will read PAY PAL /David Hennessey – David Hennessey may be truncated to David Hennes or DHennessey by some credit card operators due to printing space on invoices.

Site  Legal Disclaimer, Disclosure and Privacy Policy

It is assumed that since you have used this page you have had the chance to read the details via this link  It contains details on our legal disclaimer, disclosure, privacy policy and more.

All orders need to show billing address for tax records kept by the seller.

Payment -We do not accept personal cheques or cash – method of payment is who accept many payment methods including payment by credit card. You will receive a receipt from PayPal for your payment.

Prices may be subject to change without notice, taxes may be applicable. Please read all fees to be billed to you shown on the payment page.

If you have any questions please contact us ahead of time via this page.

Note: We reserve the right to update and make changes on this page without notice so please make sure you have read it completely before you make a transaction.

Page update: 28th April 2016. Current page is valid for all members and old guidelines are no longer valid. Please return to this page regularly to review any update.