Do they test for lead in old French Buildings?

At this time, depending on the age of a French building, it is tested for the presence of lead.

The diagnostics for lead in a French property (lead is called plomb in French) typically tests for the presence of lead in coatings such as paints. In addition, some very old French homes have lead water pipes.

The danger of lead in paint is that, for example, overtime pieces of paint may break off the paint and be consumed by children out of curiosity. Unfortunately, since lead has a sweet taste the child may swallow it and even eat more leading to lead poisoning.

Note: the diagnostics for lead that are done on a French apartment are only done on inside the apartment and do not test for the presence of lead in the common areas of the building. Verify this with your diagnostic technician.

If you would like more details on the diagnostics that are performed on French properties we can put you in contact with an English speaking French notary or an English speaking French real estate agent today. Just contact use here.

Date of Posting June 2013