DAY THREE 12 days of Actions to Reduce Negative Climate Change in French Property

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Donate or Re-use Items During your French Home Renovation

At ESREA France we work to help people find their dream home in France with the assistance of our growing network of English speaking real estate professionals.

In line with the United Nations Conference on Climate Change taking place we have decided to offer 12 daily doses of  actions steps we can all take to reduce negative climate change.

Please consider taking these actions step and share the ideas with friends.

Today is day three

Easy Action Step Number Three

Donate or Re-use Items During your French Home Renovation
I have seen French property owners at the garbage dump throwing out what I still consider usable items such as counter tops and gutter piping. I even saw a person a few months ago throw into the bin with broken tiles what looked like new terracotta planters, items we have just purchased. I saw the terracotta just smashing into pieces.

I am not pointing my finger just pointing out alternatives. When we renovate it is an option to place on free services like ‘le boin coin’ or ‘craiglist’ the useful items we have someone may be interested in using them.

Another approach is to see if you can re-use any of the items you have taken apart in your renovation. We will reuse the sinks we recovered when we took apart an old rotten kitchen. The sinks are beautiful old ceramic models.

Please share this idea with friends and please let us know your ideas.

Come back tomorrow for the next Simple Action Step.