DAY FOUR 12 days of Actions to Reduce Negative Climate Change in French property

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Insulate your Floor with Waste Wood

At ESREA France in line with the United Nations Conference on Climate Change currently taking place in Paris we have decided to offer 12 daily doses of  actions steps we can all take to reduce negative climate change created by our actions inside our French property.

Please consider taking these actions step and share the ideas with friends via social media or as you wish.

Today is day four

Insulate your Floor with Waste Wood

You can insulate your French home against heat loss in many different areas. We offered a temporary fix for door air leaks here using a dog. Today we turn to the floor.

We are renovating an old floor in our French home and we need to insulate over the current floor. After consulting with many people we are choosing to use waste wood that comes in a compressed format.

This insulation helps protect against heat loss and also the transfer of sound.

Remember when you are shopping for your French real estate dream there are many French homes that are old which gives them a lot of charm, however, it also means that insulation in the French property may not be so good.

Please share this idea with friends and please let us know your ideas.

If you are looking for an English speaking French real estate agent in a particular part of France we can help you find one just contact us here.

Come back tomorrow for the next Simple Action Step.