DAY FIVE 12 days of Actions to Reduce Negative Climate Change in French Property

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You can Choose your Source of Electricity in France

At ESREA France we work to help people find their dream home in France with the assistance of our growing network of English speaking real estate professionals.

In line with the United Nations Conference on Climate Change taking place we have decided to offer 12 daily doses of actions steps we can all take to reduce negative climate change.

Please consider taking these actions step and share the ideas with friends.

Today is day five

Easy Action Step Number Five

You can Choose your Source of Electricity in France

I hope you can see the photo above. I took this picture on the way to Lyon recently and it is an amazing contrast between the presence of a wind power plant and a nuclear fission power plant both located along the River Rhone.

Although the debates are many, many people would consider wind generation of electrical energy to be a more earth friendly approach to generating electricity than nuclear fission created electricity. Personally, I am someone who prefers the usage of solar energy as much as possible and well, France has lots of Sunshine so let us use it!

What is amazing is that when you look at the statistics here France with all the glorious sunshine does not generate that much energy from sunshine, in fact substantially less than a number of neighboring countries.

The good news is in France you can look at your EDF electricity bill and see the source of the electrical energy you are using and if you do not like it you can look for another supplier of electricity who offers electricity from other more earth friendly sources of power generation.

Please share this idea with friends and please let us know your ideas.

Come back tomorrow for the next Simple Action Step.