DAY EIGHT 12 days of Actions to Reduce Negative Climate Change in French Property

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New Connected Electrical Grid in France can Reduce Energy Usage

At ESREA France we work to help people find their dream home in France with the assistance of our growing network of English speaking real estate professionals.

In line with the United Nations Conference on Climate Change taking place we have decided to offer 12 daily doses of actions steps we can all take to reduce negative climate change.

Please consider taking these actions step and share the ideas with friends.

Today is day eight

Easy Action Step Number eight

New Connected Electrical Grid in France can Reduce Energy Usage

In one of our other 12 tips we mentioned the value of having a learning thermostat so you can understand and control your home heating energy usage.

Now this year ERDF the French electrical grid managing system is starting to install on a large scale the Linky smart meter system.

Linky is not your average electricity meter. It will offer accurate meter readings back to the main network center, allows for diagnostics of remote operations and helps the consumer measure the amount of their consumption so you as the consumer can reduce your unnecessary energy usage therefore saving money and reducing negative impact on the climate.

The installation of the meter will not be at consumer cost but will be at the cost of ERDF who will be saving on the cost of sending out individuals to read meters. The elimination of the meter readers travelling around France also has a positive impact on the French climate.

Therefore, this tip does not require you to take any action and does not require you to spend any money. You just need to wait for ERDF to call to set up the appointment to install your new Linky meter.

Bravo et Merci ERDF!

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