Currency Exchange 5 Points to Remember in a French real estate sale

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English speaking Currency Exchange Providers for France

Moving money to and from France can be expensive. It is even more expensive if you are dealing with large sums that are involved in the purchase or sale of French real estate.

We have been speaking with a number of English speaking Currency Exchange Providers who work in the French marketplace and we have learned some tips we want to share with you:

Know the amount, frequency and speed of transfer you need
The amount, frequency and speed of a transfer you need and in addition if it is a recurring transfer can change the cost for you. Make sure you know what you need before you look for a quote. Is it a mortgage payment? A pension transfer?

The high cost can be hidden
Not every exchange service offers the same exchange rate, which changes by the second so you need to know the exchange rate in your quote. Sometimes the exchange rate is hiding additional fees. Ask a currency transfer specialist how they can help you ‘lock in’ the exchange rate.

You can use your bank but check out currency providers before you decide.
Money transfers are not the specialty of banks, so, due to the increase in the demand for currency exchange in recent years specialists in currency transfer can offer attractive rates to you so you can avoid the typical high cost charged by a bank.

Know the location
The cost of transfers between countries is higher and more complicated than within a country.

Make sure the currency exchange provider is protecting your money
Get confirmation that the bank or currency exchange provider is protecting your money so your money will not be lost in the process due to economic or other problems that may arrive during the transfer.

Here are a selection of English speaking currency providers