Checklists for French Real Estate Buyers

french real estate buyers checklist

French real estate buying is a complicated process unless you are well prepared.

We are going to help you be prepared.

Part of our passion at ESREA France is to make the whole process of French real estate transactions as stress free as possible.

One way to make your buying process easier is to organize yourself with our convenient checklists.

We have checklists for homes and for apartments.

When you get a copy of our 110 tip French real estate buyer’s guide you will receive an email that includes four buyer’s checklists as indicated in the image above showing the attachments.

Since you receive the PDF document you can print off and use the checklists as often as you want.

The checklist’s are for when you buy a home or an apartment.

Items to check include those you may not think of:

  • Level of noise during different times of the day and on weekends.
  • Potential construction that can negatively impact the property, for example, the view from your windows.
  • Is all the property private or can someone pass through your property without your consent?
  • The condition of the neighbor’s property which can impact your own.
  • Condition of the stairwell in an apartment building which can indicate neglect.

Learn about the checklists and the 110 Tip buyer’s guide that comes with a 100 percent money back guarantee.

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Here are details on the 110 Tip French real estate buyer’s guide and checklists.