Canadian Real Estate Agent in France

canadian english speaking real estate agent in france

If you are looking for a former Canadian Real Estate agent who has experience working in France as part of the French real estate industry we can help you.

David Hennessey, the founder and director of ESREA France worked for seven years in the Canadian real estate industry. This means David is familiar with the differences and similarities when comparing the French and Canadian real estate industries. He can share with you details that will make it less stressful for you if you are interested in purchasing French property.

In addition, although the American real estate industry is not the exact same as in Canada David can help you relate to how the French industry works since he is familiar with American real estate terminology.

In one hour on the phone David can help you have a better understanding of French real estate than hours or days of online reading can show you.

Save yourself time and stress get in contact with David today.