Can my French building construction permit be cancelled?

One reader asked us about her French real estate project and as to whether her construction permit or building permit could be cancelled after it was issued.

We checked with a English speaking French notary and here is the short answer:

IMPORTANT NOTE: As you know the answers can change from place to place in France and the rules in one place can change. So just read the following as general information and only proceed once you have confirmed details with you notary and your local French city hall.

The notary said:

Once the construction permit has been approved by the French city hall the planning permission has to be posted on the wall beside the French property. Then neighbors can protest against the construction taking place. The neighbors have two months from the date of the posting of the planning permission to protest.

In addition, the city hall who issued the permit has 3 months from the date of issue to cancel the permission they gave in the first place.

If this sounds confusing to you, it does to us as well. We recommend you speak to an English speaking French notary to understand all the details before you start a housing project on your French property.

We can help you find an English speaking French notary. Contact us here.

Date of this article is July 2013, note French rules and regulations are always subject to change. Confirm with your French city hall and French notary to be current on regulations before you make any decisions.