Buying a French Villa – FIVE big mistakes to avoid

When you are buying a French Villa  here are five mistakes to avoid:


Forgetting to ask the French real estate agent or the French property owner to give you a document that confirms the size of the villa. – unless the villa is in a residence or domain you most likely will not receive any confirmation of the size.

If the size is important to you make sure you request the size of the home is verified as part of your offer. Maybe you don’t mind what size the house is but what if the house burns down and you have a dispute with the insurance company since you cannot prove the size for replacement of your dream French home.


Not confirming the property has access to water and sewer, you may find out to your surprise you are using a well and you have a septic tank to take care of.


Not obtaining a copy of the French plan cadastral showing the parcel of land you want to buy. Worse still, not confirming the details of the plans with the title of the property, the cadastral plan we have heard is not 100 percent reliable. Speak with your English speaking notary about this.


Not going to the French City Hall (Mairie) and consulting the zoning plan for the area for future changes. You might find out part of your garden is part of a new road. Make sure you take with you someone qualified to ask the questions in French you need answered and make note of the responses.


Not obtaining confirmation of the boundaries of the property – what you may  be looking at could be part of the neighbors property, if you are concerned obtain the help of a boundary surveyor.

Six and More

There are most likely more mistakes that can be made that we have not documented here.

Make sure you don’t take any risks when you are buying a French property and work with qualified English speaking real estate professionals. Need assistance to find one. Contact us  and we can guide you free of charge.