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Online Education at No Charge

We offer all our articles (over 700) at no charge for you to learn from. These articles help demystify French real estate by explaining the terms and jargon in everyday English. Plus they offer you French real estate market news on trends and activity. Curious what a term or phrase means in a French real estate advertisement then use the search box. Visit our site on your mobile phone while you are waiting in line and learn as you wait. Don’t find your answer contact us.

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We help Find the Right Agent for you

There are a lot of real estate agents in France but there are not many English speaking French real estate agents and it can take you a long time to find one. Especially if you don’t speak French.

We have learned that just because a website has a section in English this does not mean there is a fluent English speaking agent in the office.

If we are not already in contact with an agent in your area of choice we always speak to each agent before we place you in contact with them so we know they can serve you in English.

We search for the agent at no charge to you. 

Buyers: Anyone can drive a person around to visit properties, that is a chauffeur, but a professional agent guides you through the complete process of the buying and selling process so you have an informed and positive experience. The agent is also a professional negotiator and this is something you need to get your best price.

Sellers: Anyone one can put an advertisement for a property for sale on a website and invite people to visit a property but a professional agent helps you reach the maximum amount of potential buyers locally and internationally through their professional network. Most importantly, the agent is a bridge between you and the buyer and is a professional negotiator you have working for you to help you maximize your sale price.

Perhaps, you have bought or sold before in France. But are you as up to date as the current professionals? There have been lots of new changes in the French real estate laws.

Are you willing to make a mistake that can cost you thousands of Euros, an error that could  be avoided if you had worked with a professional? Do you know about the impact of the new Loi Alur?

Contact us to help you connect with an active English speaking French real estate professional in your area of choice.

Contact us here.

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Client testimonial:

“I must admit I was very impressed with the response time. Withing a few hours of contacting the ESREA team, I was put in contact with an English-speaking agent in my area who took the time to meet me in person and offer me some valuable insight. I already feel much more knowledgeable about the local market and would happily recommend your service.” Dami, France


Unsure of the French real estate buying Process?

Before shopping for a French property you need to know how the market works. Buying real estate in France is a complicated process even if you speak and read French. If you only speak English you leave yourself open to misunderstandings and potentially huge mistakes.

We offer you a private consultation to share with you how the French real estate market works. Learn more here.