French Towns and Cities

You know the city you like and you are looking for an English speaking French real estate agent in your city or town of choice?

We are adding this new feature for you.

We are steadily building a quality directory of English speaking French real estate agents. Each agent has to demonstrate they speak English at a high level so they can serve you. Each agent also has to prove they are registered to work in real estate in France under a ‘carte professionelle‘ and that they are working in France as part of a French real estate agency. If we have reports of an agent in our network offering poor service we will ask them to leave the network. 

To find one in your favorite area click on the name of the French town or city below:

IMPORTANT: If the town your are looking for is not listed it is because we are still searching for a quality agent in the area since not all agents who contact us qualify to be part of our network. However, if you do not find a person listed you can contact us and we will put all our energy into finding a person as quick as possible for you at no charge to you for our service to locate them. 



Biot Sophia Antipolis

Canal du Midi






Paris Louvre 1st arrondissement of Paris 

Paris Bourse 2nd arrondissement of Paris

Paris Temple 3rd arrondissement of Paris

Paris Hôtel-de-Ville 4th arrondissement of Paris

Paris Panthéon 5th arrondissement of Paris

Paris Luxembourg 6th arrondissement of Paris

Paris Palais-Bourdon 7th arrondissement of Paris

Paris Élysée 8th arrondissement of Paris

Paris Passy 16th arrondissement of Paris





No listing of an agent in your town of choice? please contact us and we will get all the team working to find you a specialist right away at no charge for our search. Contact us here by email or phone. 

If you are an English speaking French real estate agent or your known an agent you want to recommend please contact us here.