Are the French real estate agencies fees now controlled?

Are the French real estate rental agencies fees now controlled?

According to this article in Explorimmo in French, due to the Loi Alur, since September 2014 the real estate agency fees charged to a renter in France are now controlled.

Before, in general, the new renter paid the agency the equivalent of one or two months rent.

Now the agencies can only bill the renter for 4 services and the total costs are shared 50 / 50 between the landlord and the renter.

These are the following services:

La rédaction du bail (the drafting of the contract)

La constitution du dossier (the creation of the file)

L’organisation des visites (the organizing of the visits)

L’état des lieux. (the inventory of the property)

The cost of each of these services is related to the size of the property and its location.

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