Cannes New Build Apartments Parc Eugenie French Riviera Photo Update


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New Built French apartments in Cannes called ‘Parc Eugenie’.

Map location of Parc Eugenie New Apartments click here


Located in the legendary district of Cannes called Oxford, there was a historical domain that once housed the Congrégation des Soeurs de l’Assomption. It is this location full of nature that ‘Parc Eugénie’ is being built. The name of this luxury French residence was chosen in honour of Mother Marie-Eugénie who founded the Order in 1839.

There are approximately 100 apartments (we say approximately since some are being joined together by buyers to make duplex style apartments.)

Not many are left unsold.
The last time one of the agents we know visited the location there was FIVE apartments left for sale.

Update: We understand there maybe only one or two left for sale. If you are interesting in a new deluxe development in Cannes similar to Parc Eugenie but more prestigious contact us.

Above you saw the artist’s image of the roof top pool (There are two pools in the residence).

The photo below shows the current level of site construction on the first building which is all sold. The second building has just had the foundation started and it is almost sold out.

Parc Eugenie Cannes Real Photo

If you want more information, you can, of course contact directly the French speaking agents on site but there is no price reduction by doing so. We can have someone help you in English at no extra charge. To learn what BBC is and its importnat relation to New Construction click here

You can have us connect you with an English speaking French real estate agent and understand the process in English if you wish. Contact us here for guidance. You pay nothing for our introduction to a local English speaking French agent.

We can also arrange for you to get specific price details once we are in contact with you. We have agents in the area advise you about this residence and other new build residences in Cannes. Just contact us here to request an agent for a full brochure package and phone call at no charge to you.