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French real estate: 12 items to consider as you get older

One level house (maison de plain-pied)
When you search for French real estate you can get older in and not have physical mobility issues reduce your ability to enjoy the home look for a one level home. Make sure you have your English speaking French real estate agent check the suggested homes before visits to make sure the entrance is on the same level as the floor plan and street level. Some homes say one level but you have to climb steps to get to them. Also some French apartments may have stairs on the outside that will limit access.

Flat Entry
No steps from outside to inside is ideal for easy aging. One or two steps can be eliminated with a ramp but the ram may be challenging to overcome with a walking device.

Level Flooring
Some older French one level homes have a step up or step down between rooms and this can make for a challenge to everyday living if you have a physical challenge that arrives with age. Avoid these challenges and make sure the floor is slip proof.

Make sure you have adequate storage on the main level of the French home so you do not have to access attic storage to get items you may need.

Avoid a French home with stairs unless some bedrooms are upstairs and can be used by guests and your bedroom and bathroom and main living area is on the main floor.

Consider access to storage in the kitchen and other parts of the French house and how they will be accessible as you get older and may have reduced mobility.

Bathroom and Toilets
Make sure you can easily use the shower and toilet. Look for easy access.

Make sure the French home is bright and enjoyable even in winter time since if you are required to stay inside for long periods of time you want to make sure you have natural lighting.

A French property with an exit via a level sidewalk that leads to local facilities is important and will give you easier access to walking opportunities as you get older if reduced mobility arrives.

Pharmacy and Medical Care
Make sure that you are close to a pharmacy and medical care if needed. Ideally just a short distance away.

Community center
When you buy your French property be aware of access to local community centers that have activities that cater to your needs.

If you do not have a garage with direct access to your French property make sure you have parking in front of your French property by the front door so access inside is easy.

Bonus: Direct Garage Access
If you have level access from the car to the French home you have found the ideal transportation to home solution. Check for it.

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