50 Tips on How to sell your French home for the best price


You need to know how to prepare your French property for the market if you are going to sell your French property for the best possible price.

We advise French property owners all the time it is more than just the location of your property that is important.

It is more than the price on the market of your French property that is important.

Today it is the preparation of your property for the market that is important as well.

“The book is excellent for having the most successful viewings” Tony B. , France

Buyers have lots of choices and you want them to choose your home, don’t you?


So how do you get your home chosen? What is important for you to do?

We have asked dozens of agents what tips they offer to home sellers to help them have their house picked as the one to buy.

We have asked buyers what made them choose the propertythey bought.

We have picked what we found to be the top 50 most commonly recommended tips.


We have created a digital eWorkbook – 50 Tips on How to sell your French home for the best price – that can help your home been chosen and help you maximize the sale price of your home.

Get Best Price for French Real Estate

Samples from the French real estate sellers digital guide are in the video below:


What this electronic Workbook will do for you: 

  • You will receive clear straight forward guidance as to what steps you need to take to make sure your property is presented to be its best on the market.
  • You will learn how you need to be prepared to keep potential buyers interested.
  • You will find out how to make a buyer feel more comfortable when visiting your home. So they feel it will be their next home.
  • You will have an easy to use checklist so you can be prepared stress free before every buyer’s visit.

What you will get:

  • You will get guidance from professional real estate agents who have worked in the industry for over ten years and know how to help you make your home attractive to buyers so they choose to buy your home.
  • You will get 64 pages of information, images and a helpful checklist to use before each visit by buyers to help you make sure your home is prepared to shine.
  • You have a seven day money back guarantee so that if you feel you did not get your money’s worth we will refund you every centimes.


” Wow!  I just read your digital book!  What a great resource you put together.  Plus,it is so visually attractive.  I think it is very well written and so informative.” Jennifer Martin


english speaking french real estate agents

Learn why what is in the image below is NOT a good idea when you are selling  a property

how to sell your french property for the best price

Learn why what is in the image below IS a good idea when you are selling a French property

sell a french property

AND why maybe even what is in the image below MAYBE a good idea when you are selling a French property

english speaking bilingual french real estate agents


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english speaking french real estate agents 100 percent money back guarantee.

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Would you like to know what buyers are thinking?

We have listened to hundreds of buyers and they have told us what problems  turn them off even the most attractive looking homes.

Did you know buyers rightly or wrongly sense a problem with the property just because they notice a certain item present?

When you use this electronic Workbook you will learn many of the signs that turn buyers off French properties.

You could avoid investing in this book for the small purchase price and do what most other French property sellers do. They guess what is important to buyers based on their own experience.

But do you want to guess about what is important when you are selling perhaps your most valuable asset?

Invest in this digital workbook and you can learn what buyers notice and how you can eliminate the concerns so the buyers focus on your property and not the neighbors.

Now take the time to invest in this very user friendly guide that will show you what you need to do to help maximize the presentation of your property in the eyes of buyers.

Have your property chosen so you can get the best price for your French property today.

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