5 Reasons why people hate France

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When you have invested in French real estate and when you have lived in France you will realise we are telling the truth about these 5 reasons why people hate France

The French Food
People hate the food in France because they cannot get enough of it and then they potentially gain weight.
So please do not look at the image above of bakery items or you are going to hate France even more.

The French Weather
Most people who have live in France any period of time will tell you it is too hot in the summer time in certain parts of France but if you ask them are they planning on leaving. They will say no even though they hate the hot weather.

The French Scenery
France is a country that can be really annoying to people who like everything the same. In fact, these type of people really hate France because it has so much to offer in terms of scenery. High mountains, beautiful lakes, deep blue sea, vineyards for miles, all very annoying indeed.

The French Markets and Festivals
Let us be clear there are really too many wonderful markets and festivals in France so people hate that too. Too much choice can be so tiring.

The French Real Estate
Many people dislike the fact that their are castles in many parts of France and beautiful villages to visit and live in. The real estate has so much charm most likely you will get tired of it and hate France even more.

Sorry about all this bad news : ) If you still want to live in France we can help you find an English speaking French real estate agent at no charge for our guidance. Contact us here.