3 Things French Property Sellers Should Not Do

If you have a French property for sale and your French real estate agent is organizing visits for clients or agents with clients to visit your home then you need to respect the following guidelines to create a successful sale:

Do not Be Present
As much as you love your French property buyers never feel comfortable when the owner is around. They feel like they are disturbing the owner. As an owner you want to maximize the amount of time they spend in your home to see all the features and benefits.

In addition, if you are in the home, buyers do not have a chance to discuss all the pros and cons of the home. The best plan is not to be home and come back after the visits are finished.

Do not Create Distractions
Freshly baked bread in the kitchen on the counter can be inspiring to help a buyer remember all the special features of a kitchen.

But avoid leaving snacks out for the buyers as they can be a distraction from their focus of absorbing all the features in the home. Make the home neutral and comfortable, avoid distracting music and leave the TV off.

Do not hide Problems
If there are features that are not really ‘selling features’ of the home and they are repairs you do not want to fix then leave them be. Do not try to hide them. Some owners try to hide carpet stains or cracked tiles with furniture which once found makes the buyers very suspicious.

If you are a home seller we have a 50 step guide to help you prepare your home for sale. Contact us for more details.

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