2016 French Mortgage Rates Going Down Really

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Where are French mortgage rates going?

Recently French economists have suggested the only way the French real estate market will see the introduction of more buyers and therefore, more property sales is for another decrease in mortgage interest rates. Remember rates are already at a historical low. The economists have little faith in the French government buying programs to encourage buyers.

Buyers are focused on the cost of a mortgage long term and their mortgage qualification is impacted by the mortgage rate.

This above note is referenced in a new Explorimo article in French.

The French economists maybe right.

The rates have fallen again.

In December 2015 the overall average interest rate was 2.20 percent and now January 2016 ended with an average overall rate of 2.15 percent, depending on your qualification, of course.

Consult your English speaking French mortgage broker to see how this change can impact your ability to purchase.

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