2014 Best French Cities to Invest in Real Estate

The Best French Cities to make your real estate investment according to Explorimmo have been announced.

This year the best place to invest your French real estate money is firstly, Nantes located in North-West France here, Toulouse located in South-West France here was ranked second best and Bordeaux located in the West of France here was ranked third.

Criteria used by Explorimmo includes demographics, employment, student population, development of property prices in the last year in both the new and pre-owned property sectors, return on rental investments and more. In addition, the location of the property and value of return on the money invested are key factors.

Number One
Nantes has been elected to be the Green Capital of Europe in 2013. Read More

Number Two
Toulouse is getting ready for the arrival of the new high speed train. Learn more about Toulouse here

Number Three
Bordeaux is experiencing jobs and population increases. Read about the Bordeaux

Number Four
Read about Lyon

Number Five
Close by Lyon you can read about this award winning French city here

Number Six
8th Largest City in France. Read about Montpellier here

Number Seven
Official Visitors Website in English here

Number Eight
Close to the border with Germany you can read about Strasbourg here

Number Nine
Clermont- Ferrand
Located in the Auvergne region of France you can learn about Clermont-Ferrand here

Number Ten
Close to Montpellier you can read about this southern France city here

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