10 French Phrases Important when Hungry and Real Estate Shopping


When you are travelling around seeking your own French real estate you may need to stop by a French restaurant to have some delicious French food.

It is unlikely they will have a cookie like the one pictured above so here are a few simple phrases that can help you get what you need so you are all energized to get back on the French real estate search again.

These 10 French phrases can help you:

Do you have a table for two? – Avez-vous une table pour deux?

The menu please? La carte si vous plaît?

I would like – Je voudrais

I will have – Je prends

Do you have? – Avez vous?

Starters – Les entrées

Main course – Le plat principal

The bill please – L’addition si vous plaît

Tip – Le pourboire

Good bye! – Au revoir!

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